Saturday, 7 September 2013

sunday yoga for runners

This is a beginners/intermediate class particularly suitable for running and endurance sports. It aims to help runners to run more comfortably, safely and maybe even improve their PBs. . By focusing on breath exercises it encourages expanding lung capacity, breath control and tuning-in to the bodies' oxygen needs. Focusing on the breath can calm and clear the mind , a key part of a runners strategy, when things get tough. The class also focuses on core strength and stability, to improve stride effectiveness and reduces the risk of injury. Distance runners' legs experience long periods of repetitive short strides, and this can get hard wired into muscle memory causing stiffness and reduced range when not running. The class focuses on hamstring and thigh stretches, knee stability as well as strengthening and increasing flexibility of the feet, flexibility particularly legs, hips and back. The class also builds heat to help increase stamina and aid flexibility and offers effective supportive cross training.

>What: Vinyasa flow Yoga
When: From 8th September 2013
Where: 10a Broughton Street Lane.
(Gathering Essence)
Time: 12:15 - 1:15 pm.
Other: Yoga mats will be available.
£10 or (£64 for block of 8)
Suitable for beginners and intermediate level.
RSVP Reserve: by email at
or sign up online at ,
or telephone 07951031322.

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