Monday, 18 November 2013

Xmas night out-pre meal meeting

We are planning to meet for a drink before the meal in Joseph Pearce's Bar  

which is a fine old establishment at the corner of Elm Row and Montgomery Street 
(just off the top end of Leith Walk) at 7:00 pm and all are welcome. i have reserved an area 
[under the name of fiona i expect]& was going to organise an urn or 2 of mulled wine.
can anyone up for mulled wine let me [fiona] know so i don't have to drink it all myself!

Pomegranate is within a couple of hundred metres so we'll not have far to go. If you can't manage for a drink, 
the Arabian Nights Room at Pomegranate is  downstairs, to the left of the main entrance, and you
 don't need to go into the restaurant itself. One last thing,villeneuve wines in broughton street is
round the corner from Pomegranate if you've forgotten to  get your tipple for the evening.
                                             also - let colin know asap if you are veggie- ta                                                                                             

Looking forward to a great night and seeing you  on this friday
 the 29th.

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