Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Performance Open Day, Saturday 17th May

Sports Performance Open Day, Saturday 17th May 

Come along to discover how we can help you fulfill your full athletic potential. 
For one day only, we are offering a series of tasters, talks and workshops with our experienced practitioners.
There is something for everyone whether you do sports for a pass-time, part-time hobby or profession.
Many of our clients are runners, climbers, dancers, musicians, golfers, tennis players, swimmers and rowers. 
Join us at this one-off Open Day to showcase our Sports Performance Services.
Check out our timetable below.
Please note that it is essential to book in advance for all sessions.
9-10am: Yoga for Athletes, group session with Kat Aydin, £3 per person (limited to 5 people)
9.30am-1pm: Sports/Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage Taster Sessions with Bill Foreman, £10 per 30-minute session 
9.30am-1pm: Sports/Remedial/Deep Tissue  and Thai Table Massage Taster Sessions with Juan Mases, £10 per 30-minute session 
11.30am-12.30pm: Nutrition for Endurance Training, talk with Kate Swaine, £3 per person (limited to 10 people)
1-3pm: Q&A on Training and Injury Prevention drop-in session with Krista Black, FREE to drop in. 
1.30-4.40pm: Sports/Remedial/Deep Tissue  Massage Taster Sessions with Jen Syme, £10 per 30-minute session 
1.30-4.40pm: Nutritional Therapy for Sports Performance Taster Sessions with Kate Swaine, £10 per 30-minute session 
3.15-5.05pm: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to Effectively Reduce Sports Performance Nerves and Increase Confidence, 30-minute taster sessions, £10 per 30-minute taster with Francisca Morton 
5.10-8.20pm: Sports/Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage Taster Sessions with Steph Marr, £10 per 30-minute session 
5.10-8.20pm: Physiotherapy/Acupuncture with Claire McKenzie, £10 per 30-minute session 
515-615pm: Qi Gong for Sports, group session with Misty Hannah, £3 per person (limited to 6 people) 
6.30-7.30pm: Meditation for Sports, group session with Misty Hannah, £3 per person (limited to 6 people)
For more information, or to book in, please contact Onie or Krista at KnotStressed. 

For more information or to book in, please contact Onie or Krista at KnotStressed.

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