Tuesday, 16 September 2014

sunday run with a difference?

Sun 21st September
City Centre 'Pavement Palaeontology' Run
To complete a weekend of running fun around the Equinox, we have the
 Pavement Palaeontology run!
 My plan is to start out from the Royal Society of Edinburgh building at 1000. 
This one is kids and bikes friendly. We will have a trot over to Market Street
 to see the Edinburgh City Council  buildings that are full of fossils,
stop further up to tell the tale of Save the Fishes!,
 head up the Scotsman Steps and thence to the Commonwealth Pool to meet
one of our relatives, a Devonian lungfish.
 We will then have an option pop up to Salisbury Crags to see Hutton's Section, 
which is a key site in the History of Geology.

I suggest the Salisbury Arms for afters, as they seem to tolerate kids
 but if anyone has a better idea, let me know.
If you plan to come along, the one thing that will improve your enjoyment is
a magnifier of some sort. Even a cheap magnifying glass or the magnifier
 on your compass will help. 
Do let me know if you plan to join us.
al mcgowan from carnethy;
mailto: alandchristine@googlemail.com

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