Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The First Fort William Marathon 2015

lucja and fiona at the start

as ready as i'll ever be
 Unusually- it was a bright & gently breezy day for the first  fort william marathon- which Lucja & Dion were doing as a training run for bigger things & i was doing as a 'race' mostly against myself.
on the way to the commando memorial

The course is varied in terrain & views, ascent & descent . 
well marshalled, great support [sometimes by people i knew!] enough water to drink, often enough,some people around & about to chat with, if you got bored. amazing organisation from 2 people & their band of helpers.
pasta party was up to the snowgoose at aonach mor, for really nice grub, fab views & a wee band playing ceilidh tunes.
at the end, i was announced,medalled, & given my goodie bag which did indeed contain whisky. this marathon is so far away from a big city marathon, that even though it was really tough [for me] it didn't kill me & i do feel stronger as a result.
Highly recommended- if you wanted something slightly different.

almost there- back in the forest.

phew- done.

unusually- a view from aonach mor-ignore the date- the camera reset on the way up- must have been the altitude!

the launch pad for the nutters in the world downhill mountainbike championships

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