Sunday, 10 April 2016

new beginners groups with Andrew Jeske at leith & the meadows

finding it hard to get out for another run during the week- try Andrew Jeskes group- here's the info;

Monday, Leith Victoria Swim Centre, 6pm: Long Run (4-6 miles). Costs are £2.20/£1.50/Free (to reception).
Monday, Leith Victoria Swim Centre, 7pm: Two groups; Beginners 1 and Advanced. Costs are £2.20/£1.50/Free (to reception).
Beginners 1: 3 x 6 mins with myself.
Advanced: Join Bill for a wee 4-6 mile tour of the Walkway and beyond!
Tuesday, Meadows (Meet at the Pavilion Cafe) 6:00pm: Advanced: Join myself and Jill Stonks for a 4-6 mile run.Cost is £2 to me.
Tuesday, Meadows (Meet at the Pavilion Cafe), 6:45pm: Advanced: Join Joanna McKenzie for a 4-6 mile run. Cost is £2.
Tuesday, Meadows (Meet at the Pavilion Cafe) 7pm Beginners 1+2: Everyone does 10 x 30 seconds jogging in week 1 with 30 seconds walking in between each jog (or maybe 5 x 1 or 2 minutes if they can manage it), then Jane and I continue on and do 30 mins continuous jogging after that. Cost £2 to me. 
 There have been a few new beginners on a Monday at 7pm at Leith Victoria, so if you know of anyone that is a beginner and would like to start jogging please let them know. I will try and get numbers up by officially starting a new beginners group at 7pm on 4th April. That gives me time to get the word out and it gives people time to think about it. But new people are welcome to come along straight away.
GROUP 2: The Meadows, Tuesdays 7pm. Yes I know Jane is currently up to 30 mins in this slot but we will be working on running form and starting at the beginning again before we head out to do our usual 30 mins, so this would be an ideal time to come along and get started again, or to let people know that there is a new beginners jogging group starting up. Just come along and get started till the end of April. After that we'll concentrate our efforts on who is in the group and no more complete beginners will be accepted in this slot. or send me a text on 0777 621 4940 

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