Sunday, 12 January 2014

Jenny Tyler pilates for running

Following very positive feedback after my first 2 Pilates for Running workshops I'm running another one on Wednesday 29th January at FASIC, Centre for Sport and Exercise, 46 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ. My background as a chartered physiotherapist (since 1990) and a Body Control Pilates instructor (since 2003) means that I have encountered many runners (and their associated injuries!) over the years. The Pilates exercises we will cover are easy to incorporate into your training and are not time consuming. You will receive a comprehensive hand-out. This is probably the last running workshop I'll do for a few months but I am doing a Pilates for Triathlon workshop on February 26th and Pilates for Golf on March 26th if anyone is interested. 

There is a flier attached with booking details and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Thanks for your help.

Jenny Tyler
Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
Body Control Pilates Instructor

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