Monday, 13 October 2014

Speed sessions with a twist

The nights are drawing in, and it's getting colder, but that's not excuse to leave training behind, this is the best season to really make some progress.

Our Tuesday night session for the 7th October was a planned speed session, and speed we did.

Mixing it up a bit, we made good use of a lovely set of steps to focus on some movement and form, our first lap up the steps was one foot on each step and stopping completely before moving to the next, to make sure we weren't using any momentum to move upwards, the second set was about the 'boing' (as the 7pm group nicknamed it the 'Tigger' effect) as we bounced up the steps, not speeding just yet.....Then our 3rd set was as fast as you could go but using one step at a time, so focus on pumping the arms and moving as quickly as you could.

We finished off each of the sessions with an Indian file speed run back through Stockbridge to Westwood's with everyone suitably sweaty and glowing from a good workout.

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