Sunday, 26 April 2015

jog leader courses

anyone fancy training up as a jogleader?
you will love it & have the most fun meeting people just like you!
talk to fiona,lucja, Brendan, Ali,Andrew or Elly for more information.
edinburgh dates Below

Lead on!
Our Jog Leaders are the lifeblood of jogscotland. They make jogscotland tick. Our army of fully trained, enthusiastic and patient Jog Leaders has inspired thousands of people across the country to embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle through running.

If you have bags of energy and want to help make a difference to the health of the nation then we need you! To become a Jog Leader you will need to attend a one day training course which covers everything you need to know, from the warm up to the cool down. Courses are held regularly across the country. The course fee is £85.
Upcoming courses

JSJL218 - Saturday 2nd May - Edinburgh

JSJL222 - Saturday 8th August - Edinburgh

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